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Our Innovation Frameworks


“The Standardize-Automate-Monitor-Iterate model is best suited for companies that have a proven business model and are ready to scale.”

To scale, you need revenues to grow much faster than headcount. That can only be accomplished with software. The S.A.M.I. model helps you to standardize and automate internal processes and workflows.


“The Experiment-Execute-Transform model is best suited for funded startups or product innovation groups within larger companies trying to build a culture of innovation.”

Innovation does not happen in slow motion. Teams need to be tightly aligned, agile and fast paced to learn quickly when exploring new value propositions. This means having the right tools, mindset, and process to unleash creativity within your team.


“The Innovation Governance model is best suited for larger organizations with multiple stakeholder teams. Make data driven decisions around investment and product roadmaps.”

At enterprise scale, you need to set clear innovation themes, ideate, execute and build agile feedback loops across groups. Our facilitated consulting does this by blending traditional tools like Impact Effort Matrix, 3 Horizon model, etc. with pivoting techniques like “Concierge” and “Wizard of Oz”.

The Informulate team is reliable, agile, and responds quickly to my needs. I recommend them highly as a stable, long-term software development partner.

- Director of technology, IPD Analytics

Why does methodology matter?

Software has been around for a while and it is easy to think of it as a commodity. Offshore software development is cheap. Many off-the-shelf products are easy to get started with. But everything comes with trade-offs, and of course, you get what you pay for.

Innovation conversations must start with a deep look at business objectives: value propositions, key differentiators and how to scale. Your use of software must play a well-defined role in your business.

This is where proven methodologies like Agile and Lean Startup come into play. These are not just steps for developers to follow but for the client and the delivery team to engage with together. Agile has revolutionized the speed of software delivery and responsiveness. The Lean Startup has completely transformed the way new products are built and launched. Companies worldwide use it to drive customer insights, leverage human creativity, and ultimately gain capital efficiency.

We inject Agile and Lean principles into every stage of our engagement. Our mature processes and tools allow us to craft unique solutions and deliver real business outcomes with high efficiency.

Curious about how Agile + Lean can transform your business?

We are more than a custom software development company, we have a diverse toolbox of innovation methodologies and frameworks at our disposal that we leverage for our clients. It is easier than you think to unleash your team’s true potential.

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