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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is not about buying a tool, implementing a technology or project. It is a multi-phase journey culminating in a digitally enabled, innovation-oriented business model. Organizational transformation is never easy but its especially hard when you have to work on so many aspects at the same time, at high velocity: technical maturity, culture, process improvement, customer experience and so much more. Many implementations fail because most consultants work within a narrow band of specialization. You need a cross-functional team of professionals that has broad and deep technology experience, but can also engage across organizational levels. We conduct workshops for top leaders, gather requirements from end users and help managers rollout and support initiatives.

Our Agile certified professionals have experience with innovation methodology like Design Thinking and Lean experimentation. Our technologists have experience with custom development, automation, analytics, Cloud, and modern API-based development. Our workshops cover business modeling, value proposition building, road mapping, data-driven decision making, Agile practices, and experimentation. Reach out to begin your transformation.

Salesforce Consulting

Salesforce started as a Customer Relationship Management tool but has evolved into a fully extensible, cloud-based application development platform that is scalable, secure, and high performance. Not only that it offers the ability to do workflow automation, AI-based analytics, and integrations with your existing product suite. But to truly get the most value from it, you need a vendor that understands the various Salesforce products, not just how to configure them but also when and how to write Lightning code to extend, integrate and maximize your investment.

Our Salesforce certified professionals have experience with the full-lifecycle of Salesforce solution delivery: requirements gathering, licensing recommendations, solution architecture, configuration, Lightning development, integrations, deployment and support. In addition, we have specialized experience implementing customer experience transformation by leveraging Salesforce communities. This is an interactive curated online platform that allows you to resolve product questions easily and turn your users into powerful product advocates. Thinking about Salesforce? Give us a call.

Team Enrichment

Good technical help is hard to find. Need to catch up on your backlog of work? Or perhaps you want to implement things that are beyond the maturity of your current team? Reach out to us to learn about how we can help augment your current team. When we work with a client, you not only get top-notch technical skills but high quality processes, continuous improvement and increased Agility.

Custom Application Development

If you are building custom digital assets that are unique to your organization - you are effectively building a competitive advantage. And you can only do that if you are building with high fidelity UX, high security, performance, and scalability. This means you are not just thinking about a handful of features but the roadmap.

You need a vendor that understands your business objectives and what metrics matter to you. That can help you chart your roadmap, design the solution, deliver it with high quality and support it. Reach out to find out how we manage quality that is 5 times better than industry average.

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We are more than a custom software development company, we have a diverse toolbox of innovation methodologies and frameworks at our disposal that we leverage for our clients. Make technology your competitive advantage.

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